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How to Get your BSN In 8 Weeks Deluxe Edition... The Blueprint

How to Get your BSN In 8 Weeks Deluxe Edition... The Blueprint

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 This is the Deluxe Version. This step-by-step guide helps nurses with an associate's degree in Nursing obtain a bachelor's in just 8 weeks. This Ebook is updated with new tools to help Nurses navigate smoothly through the program. Please note this is an E-book. Instant download after purchase.

So what’s included

☑️ Actual Examples of Papers for your first class!!! Yes I went in and personally completed every assignment, and incorporated it into the book so you can have a confident start to your 8 week program!!

☑️ Apa formatting Tools

☑️ Picot Formatting Tools for capstone

☑️ Paper Writing tips, and Tricks

☑️ Nursing Paper Writing ebook is incorporated!

You no longer have to buy both Ebooks!!! It’s 2 for the price of one!!!!

No physical copies are sold.

This is a NON Refundable purchase

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What People Say About My E-books

  • Stephanie B says " I never had the motivation to go back to Nursing school until I came across your ebook and realized I could Get my Bsn in just 8 weeks. This book was a savior

  • I read this book and followed the steps and obtained my Bsn in 7.5 weeks! Its a dream come true this book is phenomenal and it works!

  •  I came across this book and was so happy I did it gives you a step by step guide on how to obtain your MSN. I was always intimidated by MSN Programs until I read this book. Its must have!

  • I was stumped on how to write my nursing research papers until a friend suggested this eBook to me. This book is very easy to navigate and is straight to the point. I know feel more confident writing my Papers.

  •  I was looking for information on how to start an Iv hydration , I purchased this ebook and immediately found the information i was looking for. I also found a wealth of other information on potential business ventures for nurses

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