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    AprnBeauty is a social media influencer with more than 250k followers on Tiktok and 69k+ followers on Instagram. Her Ebooks have helped more than 250 Nurses obtain Higher Nursing Degrees.

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    Taccara D. is a Nursepreneur with multiple online businesses and owns her own cosmetics line known as Aprnbeautycosmetics.

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    Taccara D. is an author and has written several eBook's that have helped more than 250 Nurses obtain higher Degrees.

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Taccara D. has been a nurse for 13 years and has worked in corrections,substance abuse, and now practices in psych.She uses her social media platform to advocate for nurses and encourage them to pursue higher education and become nursepreneur. She is an author and has written several ebooks,and owns her own cosmetics line known as Aprnbeautycosmetics.
E-books Available

Become a Nursepreneur

Learn about Investing in Real Estate, Airbnbs and Investing Properties.
Learn about Stocks, Ira,s, 403 B and 401K plans.
Discover various Nursepreneur hustles and obtain an discount code for IV/Med Spa business startup.
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