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Nurse Gang Nursing Pins - Pink/Blue

Nurse Gang Nursing Pins - Pink/Blue

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These Nurse Gang Nursing Pins have their own unique pin design that symbolizes The Nurse Gang These pins are a perfect gift to Rep the Nurse Gang

Nurse Gang Nursing pins symbolize the Pride, Endurance and Strength of Nurses worldwide 

Nurse Gang Nursing pins can attach to your clothes. or badges. Regardless of where you place them, you are  representing the  Nurse Gang. These Nurse Gang Pins are available in two different colors Blue and Pink and their size is 31.8 mm. These are made up of Raised Black Nickel Metal.



  • The simple Pin is a wonderful way to recognize all of the dedicated nurses in your facility. 
  • Represents the Nurse Gang.
  • Present these Nursing Pins as small tokens of gratitude by themselves or add them to a larger gift set.
  • This delicate nursing pin features a diamond-cut medical caduceus, making it a perfect gift for Nurses.
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