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The Nurse Gang Father Tee

The Nurse Gang Father Tee

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The Bold Nurse Gang Father Tee is designed for  Nurses to embody being apart of the Nurse Gang Culture and movement! This cute nurse tee is comfortable to wear for all casual nurse days. It's great for anyday .

The Nurse Gang Father Tee are is easy to match perfectly paired with jeans, short and always great for casual, sports, holidays, parties, gym, etc.

The Nurse Gang Father Tee is machine washable. We suggest you wash it inside out for a longer-lasting print. Ex long sleeve and shirt from underground printing, Nurse Gang Father Tee Shirt printed and designed in the USA. unisex fit that's perfect for men and women. A great addition to any wardrobe
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Key Features:

  • Easy to match perfectly paired with jeans.
  • This Bold Nurse tee is comfortable.
  • Wear for all casual nurse days.
  • A great addition to any wardrobe.
  • Long sleeve and Shirt from Underground Printing.
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